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I started making beads in 2000 and haven't looked back since. I enjoy the process of taking hard glass, melting it and make something new. There is a kind of therapy in melting glass that appeals to me.

My passion is sharing original art and designs with customers through the smooth texture in the beads and the rough grooves in metal jewelry, each representing a unique piece of art for you to take home. I also designing small sculptures to add in my body of work.

My other great artistic passion is oil painting. I started studying under a master artist at the age of 11 and continued through my 30's. Photography is an outlet for instant gratification and grabbing moments in time. All photos except my lovely Army portrait on the web page was taken in either my studio, garden or another aspect of my daily life.

In central Texas we have wonderful opportunities for visiting glass artists. My favorite studio/store is Blue Moon Glassworks located in the heart of Austin. 

In 2019 I decided to pursue my dream of getting my studio arts degree. I'm attending classes full time at Austin Community College and will graduate in 2020 with my associates in studio art. From there, I plan on attending either the University of Texas at Austin or Texas State for my Bachelors of Studio Arts degree. I'm enjoying learning new skills and designing exciting pieces to exhibit soon. 


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