I'm excited to join the Color Street nail team and offer you, my friends, these wonderful nail polish strips! 

I love having nail polish but I usually have so much going on it get's smudged. The dog always needs something, I'm working on something so you know the score. 

You don't have to wait with this nail polish. You press it on, file off the excess. It's 95% dry and 5% still wet. They come in so many colors and styles. I love the sparkle sets. 

I have worn two different set of polish now and it's hasn't worn off. This time of year I'm working in the garden and my hands take a beating. 

As you all know I'm spending quite a bit of time at the torch. The heat isn't affecting the designs and it's so pretty. 

I actually feel feminine when I wear polish. Girly if I may say so even if I am a big tom boy.

If you are interested in trying them out send me an email. I'll send you out a sample set to try for free.

My nails April 21, 2018

Safari Chic #FDG177

Handcrafted Quality